About Us

Who We Are
Mother Earth Health Food Store has been in existence for over thirty years.  We have always been located in the North Syracuse, New York area.  We started out in the early sixties as a dream of Josephine and Richard Gerwitz.  As the business kept building and time passed, Richard and Josephine's' daughter, Susan Gerwitz, took over ownership and continued to add more products and services to the level it is today.  We currently have two employees, besides Susan, who are knowledgeable and are willing to answer all of your questions daily.

Our Future
Mother Earth Health Foods was born in an era when Natural Foods were more of a luxury than the normal staple.  Just as our Nutritional Needs and Awareness have evolved over time, so has Mother Earth Health Foods.  We have continued to add Product and Services to help drive our current Nutritional needs.  We find ourselves in a time when the business has become the norm and we must now evolve with the current Information Age.  Mother Earth Health Foods will be seen online, in the very near future, where you can shop for Product and Service right in the comfort of your own home.  MotherEarthOnline.com will become our new ONLINE STORE!  Stay Tuned for when this Store will become available to you.